DSNY introduces 'Bladerunner 2.0' technology ahead of winter snow season

The city's Department of Sanitation is introducing its brand-new state-of-the-art system called "Bladerunner 2.0" ahead of the winter snow season.
The technology provides real-time data that allows the department to track its 5,000 vehicle fleet of snowplows and salt spreaders.
The Bladerunner 2.0 costs $96,000, a drop in the bucket of the billion-dollar budget of the DSNY. However, that budget will receive a cut of $5.5 million in the upcoming round of 5% cuts to all city agencies. Despite those budget cuts, DSNY Commissioner Jessica Tisch ensures that the department is highly staffed.
"We're heading into this snow season with the highest headcount in sanitation workers that we've had in decades," said Tisch, who ensured that the budget cuts will not have any impact on snow removal efforts.
The tool also provides tracking data on when streets were last plowed. The department says this will help ensure all neighborhoods are getting fair treatment and that no streets are being neglected.
"Now, every street in all five boroughs is on a plow and salt route. And to help support our efforts, the best thing New Yorkers can do to help us get the roads clear when there is a storm is to stay off them — use mass transit if you must travel so our plows, salters and briners, now powered by Bladerunner 2.0, can do their jobs. We’re ready, New York," said Mayor Eric Adams.
The new technology comes as the department has its highest head count in two decades. Despite budget cuts to city agencies, the department say it has been able to invest $500 million in purchasing new vehicles.