Edgewater Park preps for hurricanes

Bronx residents in coastal communities such as Edgewater Park are preparing for the worst with the arrival of hurricane season.
A co-op board president told News 12 The Bronx he will be in constant contact with the city's Office of Emergency Management during the season. Officials urge coastal residents to stock up on flashlights, batteries and bottled water in case a storm hits.
Some Edgewater Park homeowners are more concerned about how insurers like Allstate dropped their policies last year or tried to make them pay more.
"I was going to have to pay like triple what I'm pay ... It would have been like $5,000," resident Jessica Bernhard said. She said she managed to find reasonably priced insurance after spending hours on the phone with different companies.
Many homeowners admit they're not that worried about the possibility of a major storm bearing down on the area.Related information: