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Election 2022: Rep. Malliotakis faces off again against Max Rose for NY's 11th Congressional District

The congresswoman spoke with News 12 on the issues she said need to be addressed as she looks to keep her job representing Brooklyn residents in Washington, D.C.

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Nov 4, 2022, 12:26 AM

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Rep. Nicole Malliotakis is in a rematch with challenger Max Rose in New York's 11th Congressional District.
The congresswoman spoke with News 12 on the issues she said need to be addressed as she looks to keep her job representing Brooklyn residents in Washington, D.C.
"We know that people want to see a balance restored in New York and in the country. They realize that all the problems we are facing right now, from the economy to energy costs, to public safety, have been created by one-party Democratic rule," Malliotakis said.
Malliotakis has represented New York's 11th Congressional District for the past two years. She has her eyes set on returning to the nation's capital for another term, with solutions that she said are important to voters, starting with public safety.
"They're concerned about the bail law and the safety that has deteriorated as a result. They just want common sense. They just want a balance. I'm the only Republican that represents this area, giving them alternative viewpoint the radical cashless bail law," Malliotakis said.
While she blames the state's bail laws on the uptick in crime, she's also calling for changes that will give judges more discretion when setting bail.
"That's one of the biggest issues with New York's laws is that it just keeps deleting people who are violent and repeat offenders, and that is what is really leading to crime skyrocketing in our city," she said.
Another hot button issue on the ballot is women's health after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Rose has criticized her stance on abortion rights.
"New York has the most extreme law that allows abortion up until birth. Max Rose supports that. I support abortion being limited, preserving the protecting a women's right in the cases of rape incest and life for the mother, but there is a stark difference between what Max supports and what I support," Malliotakis said.
Over the past few months, the city has been in crisis as thousands of asylum seekers have been bused to the Big Apple from the southern border. Malliotakis said it's time for Congress to act fast.
"That's the number one issue. Focus on addressing it at the border by stemming the flow of the illegal like migration and adding the judges in asylum officers to hear these cases very quickly so they can get approved and get their work authorization," she said.
As voters head out to the polls on Election Day, another top priority is everyday living -- from the rising food costs to the pain at the pump
"But the bottom line is the United States needs to be energy independent. We cannot rely on our foreign adversaries, and we have the opportunity to ramp up domestic production, and if we do that it, would help ease the pain at the pump with grocery costs and all other goods that need to be transported from one place in the country to another," Malliotakis said.
Malliotakis voted to decertify the 2020 presidential election results. On this election, she has the backing of former President Donald Trump.
Early voting is now underway and Election Day is this Tuesday.

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