Elite Williamsburg preps for reopening of indoor dining on Valentine’s Day weekend

Restaurant owners in Brooklyn tell News 12 they are excited to finally be able to serve customers indoors this Friday. 
Although that may come with challenges, Elite Williamsburg is preparing for the busy weekend ahead of Valentine’s Day. 
The co-owners of the restaurant tell News 12 one of the main challenges at the Latin Fusion restaurant is being able to get their staff back. 
They say they had to lay off a portion of their employees during the lockdown and are now working hard to get old and new employees on board to prepare. 
Elite Williamsburg has been focusing on takeout and outdoor dining, including igloos newly installed on their rooftop. The igloos can sit up to a maximum of 10 people, 
Now, at 25% capacity indoors, they can more than double their maximum capacity. 
In preparation for Friday, they have added several new dishes to their menu and have booked up all of their reservations for Valentine’s Day.