EMS workers rally for safer workplaces

EMS workers and supporters rallied outside of City Hall on Thursday calling for better protection in the workplace and equal pay to comparable city workers.  
Many of the workers at Thursday’s rally can recall their own traumatic experiences or those of their close colleagues with ease.  
“One of my colleagues was assaulted and stabbed recently,” said EMT Victoria Koukoulas. “I’ve been having a lot of nightmares about it.” 
This comes less than one year after FDNY paramedic Lt. Allison Russo-Elling was fatally stabbed while on the job.  
“All EMS workers, whether they work for the fire department or a private agency, deserve the same pay, benefits and training if they’re operating in the 911 system,” said Anthony Almojera, vice president of the FDNY-EMS Officers Union. “The job is inherently dangerous.” 
Some elected officials joined those rallying outside of City Hall to support the push for a more equitable and safer workplace for EMS workers.