Exclusive: Brooklyn school offers e-sports elective

E-sports is a booming industry across the globe, and in New York City some students are already learning about ways to break into the industry. 
Summit Charter School now offers an e-sports program and elective course where students can earn credits while picking up a controller.  
"We pretty much teach all about the careers in e-sports. not just picking up the controller, but how to make some money and create a career out of it,” said Joelle Lopez, who is the e-sports coordinator at the charter school.  
Lopez has been teaching the students for the last two years in hopes that some are able to take their hobby to the next level – and not just by playing the game. Students can even learn how to be a journalist or analyst for games or manage an e-sports business.  
The e-sports facility is tucked away on the third floor of the school, full of monitors and gaming consoles, thanks to a grant that Summit Academy received.  
The elective course runs twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays for both high schoolers and middle schoolers. The students are even gearing up to play in tournaments, including a FIFA tournament open to the entire student body.