Exclusive: Family loses dog after fatal pit bull attack

A devastated family shares their heartbreaking story with News 12's Samantha Chaney just days after losing their dog to a fatal pit bull attack.
On Tuesday evening, the Camacho family says their neighbor's pit bull entered their home and attacked their beloved dog, Georgie, until he was unrecognizable. They took him to a hospital and within an hour, he needed to be put to sleep.
The pet policy of the New York City Housing Authority allows tenants to own one animal under 25 pounds. Some breeds are not allowed, including Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, and pit bulls. The Camacho family says that rule doesn't stop families from bringing those breeds into their housing.
NYCHA provided the following statement to News 12:"NYCHA property management is aware of this complaint and will look into the matter further and take appropriate action.”