Family farm: 92-year-old Nebraskan farmer completes his 70th harvest

A farmer from Nebraska has completed his 70th harvest season.
Craig Worrell is 92 years old and has been part of harvests on the same ground since the 1940s.
"I was pretty young. We used to drive tractors and horses and a couple years I was in the service I wasn't home then, but I don't think I missed a harvest since I got out in ’54,” Worrell says.
Worrell says he would never miss a harvest because he says it gives him a reason to get up every morning and do something.
Harvesting the farm is a family affair. Worrell’s sons do much of the farming and grandson Evan drives the grain cart. Wife Betty Worrell is the part-time bookkeeper and also brings her family lunch.
"Hamburgers and cookies. That's what they want, so I grill hamburgers and bake cookies,” says Betty.
The couple has been married for 73 years. They met in college and have four children.
"Very blessed we've stuck together, four great kids. Just like every farmer, you have bad years, tough years, hail, breakdowns, always have unexpected things, that's life,” Worrell says.