Family on edge as search continues for teen mom and her newborn

The family of 16-year-old Zariya Bennett remains uneasy as the search for her and her newborn baby continues. 
Police have been unable to find Zariya and her baby son Kayden Bennett, and Zariya's grandmother tells News 12 that she is worried her granddaughter is in danger. 
Donna Hayward says police last dropped off Zariya at her Bed-Stuy home in 2021 when she was first found after going missing. Hayward says she hasn't seen or talked to Zariya since that day, and that she wasn't aware she was even expecting a child until a few days ago. 
"She is not thinking properly, she is not thinking straight. She needs her family and needs to come home," said Heyward. "She stopped going to school when she was 14 when she first left home."
News 12 arrived at the door of Zariya's home, and her brother informed News 12 that their parents were not home. He also told News 12 that the parents would call, but News 12 is still awaiting their call. 
Police are urging anyone that may recognize Zariya and Kayden Bennett to contact them immediately.