Family talks to News 12 about trial date set for 2 officers involved in 2019 shooting death of son

A trial date has been set for the two police officers who were involved in the shooting death of Kawasaki Trawick in 2019. 
Trawick’s parents have become used to traveling from Georgia to New York City, and each time they do, they say they rally for their son.  
On Thursday, Trawick's parents spoke to News 12 as the two officers who were involved in the shooting death of their son were given a trial date of April 24, 2023. 
Trawick was fatally shot in his Bronx apartment in 2019 when police responded to a distress call. In 2020, the Bronx District Attorney’s Office released a 20-minute body camera video of the moments leading up to Trawick’s death. 
The video shows that police knocked twice on his door before pushing it down, and in an investigation of the officers, the district attorney found no criminality on behalf of the two, and the NYPD’s internal investigation also found no wrongdoing. 
But in 2021, the Civilian Complaint Review Board recommended charges against officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis, putting their trials in motion.  
The Civilian Complaint Review Board provided the following statement:  
"The CCRB is pleased that the Deputy Commissioner of Trials firmly scheduled a trial date and that we can move forward with this case. We are confident that our prosecutors will prove that misconduct occurred and get accountability for the Trawick family."