FBI charges 14 suspected gang members and associates after raids in Newburgh

Fourteen suspected gang members and associates from the city of Newburgh and Poughkeepsie are now facing federal charges following several raids in Orange County.
A swarm of federal agents and police raided several locations in the city of Newburgh Wednesday night. 
A viewer sent News 12 video from Lake Street Apartments where FBI and police were seen and heard at the complex executing a search warrant. 
An official is heard on camera identifying authorities as FBI on a bullhorn said, “For your safety everyone needs to exit immediately with your hands up.”  
Viewers sent in videos of other raids they saw unfold. 
A tip of one overnight raid led News 12 to Humphries Place and Hughes Street. 
Neighbors said they heard what sounded like gunshots during a raid, and one man said he took cover with his kids for safety. 
“There was a lot of gunshots last night. I had to take my kids to the basement,” said Mohamed Asaidi. 
Another neighbor, Anthony Zambrotta, also heard what said was gunfire. 
“I heard loud noises and obviously it was some sort of shots fired,” said Zambrotta. “It couldn’t be too far away because I saw the flashes.” 
Other viewer videos show FBI and police in full riot gear, alongside military-style tanks on Broadway and William Street. 
The FBI released information late Thursday that the raids resulted in the arrests and that the suspects are charged with racketeering, narcotics and firearms offenses.