Steamy and hazy weather settles in Brooklyn

FDNY: Fire in subway tunnel, multiple train lines impacted

According to the MTA, No. 4 and 5 trains are running with limited service and not running between Manhattan and Brooklyn due to the fire.

Adolfo Carrion and Mary-Lyn Buckley

Oct 27, 2023, 12:09 AM

Updated 236 days ago


No. 4 and 5 subways are now back to running in both directions in Downtown Brooklyn with severe delays a fire broke out inside of a subway tunnel in Brooklyn Heights on Thursday evening.
No. 2 and 3 trains were also experiencing delays.
MTA staff closed the entrances to the Joralemon Street and Court Street stations, forcing commuters to reroute completely earlier on Thursday evening. Those stations are now open.
No injuries have been reported at this time.  

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