FDNY: Power outage, stuck elevators at Starrett City apartments

A power outage and stuck elevators left dozens of residents scrambled and trapped at the Spring Creek Towers in Starrett City on Wednesday.  
According to the FDNY, the outage was called in from 1540 Van Siclen Ave. just after 3:30 p.m. Twenty-five units and over 100 fire and EMS personnel responded to the scene, although no injuries have been reported at this time.
One resident spoke with News 12 and says that power is back on, but that power had previously been spotty on Monday and Tuesday.  
Fire officials on the scene say that people were trapped in multiple elevators across the living complex, and some are worried about this becoming a recurring issue.  
“It was 20 minutes long, but longer than that was yesterday,” said one concerned resident. “We just moved here, and I don’t know too much but I notice outages.”