Federal data: New York ranks 2nd among most dangerous intersections in country

Federal data analyzed from a local law firm confirmed New York has the second most dangerous intersections in the United States.
This new data comes just after a man was fatally struck on Thursday at the intersection of Rogers and Clarkson Avenues, one of the city’s priority corridors.
"The city DOT has gleaned from data that this is an area that needs vast improvement for all road users,” said Transportation Alternatives organizer Kathy Park-Price.
City officials looked at data from 2017 to 2021 and determined the Bronx had 14% of pedestrian fatalities and Brooklyn had 34%. The data also provided crashes at intersections account for 50% of all cyclist fatalities and 70% of all serious injuries.
"We have all of the tools, information, and the data,” added Park-Price. "We need the political will to make those changes."
Price acknowledged there are no protected bike lanes in the community board where the crash occurred.