Fila collaborates with pizza shop from each borough for latest sneaker release

Louie & Ernie’s Pizza in the Bronx will now have their very own sneaker collaboration with Fila as part of their new “Famous New York Style Pizza Collection”.  
The collection will contain five pairs of sneakers, each one inspired by a pizza spot in each borough, with Louie & Ernie’s representing the Bronx.  
“I was happy to be able to get them shipped overnight,” said manager Victoria Tiso, who was so excited to see the shoe in person for the first time. “I need to be able to show the world more of what we were able to accomplish over the last two years.” 
The design from Fila pays homage to the pizzeria that has spent over 60 years serving Bronx residents, even displaying the original storefront before Hurricane Sandy. 
The sneakers are now available at certain Foot Locker locations and online, but some sizes are already sold out.  
“I have about 10 pairs myself,” said Tiso. “I have one that's going on display in my living room, one in my bedroom and now about a couple of dozen will be hanging around here.”