Firefighters honored at Memorial Wall ahead of 9/11 anniversary

Eighteen names were added to the FDNY World Trade Center Memorial Wall Thursday.
A total of 182 firefighters have died as a result of 9/11.
George Froehlich, Michael Duff and Robert Tilearcio were just some of the names that made it onto the wall. The three men helped out at Ground Zero even though they were stationed in Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn. They later developed different forms of cancer and died.
The firefighters' family and friends were happy to see their heroes recognized for their hard work.
"I can't think of a better way for his memory to be kept alive," said Michele Perosi-Froechlich, the widow of George Froehlich. "His efforts and what he did and everybody else too--their effort and what they did to help that day.”
There will be other services on the 17th anniversary of Sept. 11 as their loved ones hope to continue their legacy and honor them every year.