First Yemeni American Business Expo held at Lehman College

The inaugural Yemeni American Business Expo took place at Lehman College on Thursday.
Hundreds showed up to the first day of the three-day expo, with over 60 businesses taking part in the event, some of them from outside New York.
One nonprofit organization at the expo, Humanity for Relief and Development, focuses on aid for Yemen and ongoing conflict, while also offering freshly baked bread and programs that help the community with medical supplies.
“I think it’s a really good representation of the Yemeni community and their leadership quality here,” said Nagi Alsubai, director of donor relations for Humanity for Relief and Development. “I’ve lost family members and loved ones in Yemen due to the conflict, so this means a lot to us.”
All of the organizations present say that while this is the first expo, this definitely won’t be the last one they plan to be in attendance for.