Flatbush Stop & Shop to close, spurring food desert fears

A Flatbush Stop & Shop is set to close its doors in just over one month, and residents and elected officials are expressing concern about how the closure could hurt the community. 
For some of the older residents in this area, the Stop & Shop was the only food store within walking distance. Residents told News 12 that the next closest store is several blocks away on Church Avenue, and that the Stop & Shop was the one big store in the area people went to. 
Stop & Shop says that a Food Bazaar will take its place, adding in a statement that it chose to not renew its lease on the property but did not specify why. 
The closure caught the attention of Council Member Rita Joseph. She is concerned the area could turn into a food desert with no operating supermarket but is thrilled a new store is coming.  
It is unclear how soon Food Bazaar will begin operating once Stop & Shop closes its doors.