Former Bronx resident reflects on near-death experience in Gaza

A former Bronx resident who has lived along the Gaza Strip for five decades says she narrowly escaped death on Oct. 7. 
Adele Raemer was locked in a safe room with her son 1 mile from the Gaza Strip as Hamas terrorists invaded her Israel neighborhood.  
“We locked the doors and can't go outside, and I have to say this is very scary, I've never been this scared in my life,” said Raemer. “Tens of terrorist have infiltrated into Israel.” 
Nearly two weeks after Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, Raemer spoke with News 12 from a hotel in Tel Aviv, recounting the horrors behind the walls when terrorists broke down doors in her kibbutz – or neighborhood.  
"My son in law is a first responder -- he heard terrorist inside the house, he told my three grandchildren, cover yourself with a blanket, lay down, be quiet, do not come after me, do not make a noise, I'll be back in a minute, I'll be OK, and he shot the terrorist in his house,” said Raemer. 
Raemer and her family made it to safe grounds, but at least 1,400 have died in Israel, while another 3,700 have died in Gaza since that fateful day. 
“My obligation is to get their stories out and I am, with every chance that I get,” said Raemer. “The sense of community, that is our secret to resilience.”