Future meteorologists in Greenpoint tout advanced weather curriculum

Students at the St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy say they are fascinated with the weather curriculum at the Greenpoint school – especially the weather station installed on its rooftop.
The station comes fully loaded with a thermometer, barometer and anemometer (which measures wind speed and direction).
Dr. Ivan Green, the school's principal, had the idea to bring a weather program to the school's science curriculum two years ago.
"To have them at this early age exposed to it – they can have more sense of awareness of [weather] as they grow up and be more prepared to deal with life challenges when it comes to weather changes,” he said.
The K-8 students are also learning different topics – from thunderstorms to winds and rain measurements.
The students have mastered collecting data from the weather station, and teachers say they will be ready to predict the forecasts at the school's science fair in April.