Gas prices fall but New Yorkers still think it’s too expensive

Gas prices are going down but is it enough to make a difference when you fill up?
The cheapest prices in Brooklyn according to are at the Mobile at 8401 Flatlands Ave. for $3.65. The cheapest price per gallon in the Bronx is at the Citgo on East 233rd Street for $3.69.
Now while those prices are a lot lower than a month ago, some neighbors still think it isn’t enough.
Drivers pulling up to the pump tell News 12 that they are dreading the price to fill their tank.
"It's horrible we can’t afford it,” said one driver.
According to AAA, the national average for a regular gallon of gas is $3.84. In New York, it's a little higher at $4.12 per gallon.
But residents aren’t convinced the prices will stay down. 
"That’s temporary. That's only because they are using our reserves,” said another driver. 
But some seem to be fine with the prices now and are making plans to go out for Labor Day weekend.