'Get stuffed' with Stuffed Ice Cream's wild flavors and doughnut-infused ice cream sandwiches

Stuffed Ice Cream, an ice cream shop in lower Manhattan run by a Brooklyn native, is putting a spin on the sweet treat for New Yorkers.
Co-owner Alan Yaung says he and his partner started the business in 2017 with the inspiration to offer distinctive flavors such as Fruity Pebbles and Thai tea.
"Sometimes people get overwhelmed when they come to the store, and they're like, 'Oh my gosh, what am I going to choose?'" Yaung says. "There's so many options but that's why I say to get the bouquet- there's 10 scoops so you can try 10 different flavors with your friends and have a nice time."
Building the bouquet for News 12, Yaung layered the extravagant dish with flavors royal milk tea, Cookie Monster, red velvet, Vietnamese coffee, Ferrero Rocher, Fruity Pebbles, rocky road, chocolate lavender, Thai iced tea and the pandan and ube coconut.
In addition to the bouquet, Yang and his partner also created a variation on the ice cream sandwich called the Cruff- a glazed donut stuffed with an ice cream of your choice and toppings.
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