GILGO MURDERS: Investigators collecting evidence from accused Gilgo serial killer’s South Carolina property

The search for more clues into the Gilgo Beach murder investigation has expanded out of the state, according to investigators.
News 12 can confirm that investigators are also collecting evidence for the case as far away as South Carolina where alleged Gilgo serial killer Rex Heuermann owns property.
Property tax records revealed that Heuermann owns property in Chester County, South Carolina. That is where his car was seized by authorities and where detectives are now looking for more evidence.
Retired New York State Police investigator Joseph Becerra says every lead needs to be followed and all potential evidence pulled because there could possibly be more victims.
He says police should be searching for anything that could have belonged to the three women Heuermann is accused of killing.
“A lot of times with serial killers, they like to keep souvenirs,” Becerra says.
State police were also searching two Amityville storage units in relation to the Gilgo investigation. Police took out photos, furniture, boxes and electronics.
Chopper 12: Watch video below over one of the storage facilities being searched:
On Tuesday, they were seen taking pictures of some paperwork.
Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison says he does not believe Heuermann’s wife and children who lived at the home, where evidence was also taken from, were aware of his accused crimes.
“If you ask me, I don’t think they knew about this life Mr. Heuermann was living,” Harrison says.
Neighbors say Heuermann has lived in that Massapequa Park home his entire life.
Police have gone through great lengths to keep the evidence private, putting up tarps and tents at all locations they are investigating.
“It is vital that police keep all evidence under wraps until it is tested forensically,” Becerra says.
It appears the first storage unit’s search is complete, as there were no police there Tuesday.
The search continues at the second storage unit, his Massapequa Park home and his South Carolina property.
Heuermann pleaded not guilty to every charge he is accused of.
Chopper 12: Watch video below over Rex Heuermann's home in Massapequa Park:
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police also confirmed to News 12 that they are reviewing unsolved cases to see if Heuermann has any involvement.