Gov. Cuomo: State to continue enforcing mandates as COVID-19 positivity rate hovers over 2%

There are growing concerns as the number of coronavirus cases grows across the city and the state, which is now reporting a positivity rate of 2%.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the latest numbers over the weekend. Data shows the average positivity rate in red zones in Brooklyn is just over 3%. At one time over the weekend, it got as high as 5.39 %. Meanwhile, the state's average positivity rate continues to hover over 2%.
The governor says these are some of the highest number of COVID-19 cases reported in almost six months. However, he says efforts to reduce cases in designated red zones seems to be working.
In the last few weeks, restrictions were imposed in these areas that included closing nonessential businesses and closing schools. Decreasing numbers, allowed some of those hot spots to be reduced to yellow zones with an ease on some restrictions. The governor says the state will continue enforcing mandates to try and get the numbers back down.
Although the cases are rising, New York still has one of the lowest numbers of coronavirus cases in the country.