Gov. Hochul outlines proposed new gun laws in aftermath of Supreme Court decision

Gov. Kathy Hochul is hoping to sign new gun laws Thursday that will make New York safer.
Legislators are expected in Albany to address the Supreme Court's decision about who can openly carry a gun in the state.
The governor says she plans to expand the restrictions in "sensitive locations" where you can carry a gun, increase firearms training requirements and track how much ammunition is being sold.
If approved by state lawmakers, places you would not be able to carry a concealed weapon would include on public transportation, parks and other places where children would be.
Gun owners would also have to submit to a background check to buy ammunition.
The new laws would also require more than 15 hours of what she is calling "in-person fire range training."
Hochul also says gun owners should not make any assumptions about where they can carry their weapons.
"The presumption is that private property owners will not want to have concealed carry weapons on their premises, but should they decide they do, they would actually affirmatively put a sign in their window...'Concealed carry weapons welcome here' - otherwise the presumption will be in the state of New York that they are not."
The proposed changes are expected to be agreed upon by Democrats in control of the state legislature. Hochul would then have to sign then into law.