Gov. Hochul signs bill expanding protection for transit workers in NYC

Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a bill today providing more protection for transit workers following a spike in incidents last year.
According to the governor, last year there were a total of 118 assaults on transit workers, which is 23% more than the year before. The legislation covers all New York City transit workers, including those who haven't been covered under the previous law. Metropolitan Transportation Authority maintenance workers, repair workers and those who work for the city's public transportation system will also be included.
During a rally in May, transit workers were calling for more safety and asking for more police presence on subways and buses. Gov. Hochul says the safety of transit workers is on the agenda and says she is taking a stand to enforce the state's laws to reduce crimes.
The new law will impose stricter penalties on violators as well, making it a second-degree assault if a transit worker is attacked.
Gov. Hochul also granted $500 million for transit depots across the city to undergo new changes within the transit system. Those changes will be implemented over the next four years.