Greenpoint herbal apothecary features elixirs from Central America

A shop in Greenpoint offers herbal remedies of all kinds just in time for a holidays detox.
Anima Mundi was started in the Greenpoint apartment of owner Adriana Ayales.
"People always came for the same things like insomnia, or weight loss or detox,” says Ayales.

The clinical herbalist learned all about natural remedies from her grandmother while growing up in Costa Rica. 
Her staff takes the herbs, which come from Costa Rica and India and create batches.

"Different herbs macerating in large barrels for a long period of time, so we do like 30-day cycles or longer to extract properly the herbs," says Ayales. 

Over the years, Ayales says she has noticed an uptick in interest.

"People want like alternative health care, like grassroots health care, where you can have the option to heal yourself,” she says.

Ayales says Anima Mundi specializes in creating prescription-like natural remedies. 

"I know it's a touchy subject and a lot of people have different experiences, but cancer is one of my specialties, I guess it’s one of like the things I like to work with the most,” says Ayales.

Ayales currently working on a book of remedies as well as considering expanding her shop to other areas.