Grossed out - Mott Haven tenants say man has been dumping urine in building lobby

Tenants at an apartment building in Mott Haven are asking for help in identifying a man who has been pouring urine into the lobby of their building.
The tenants at 491 Gerard Ave. say this has been happening for months. The latest incident happened Saturday around 4 a.m.
They say their super is doing a great job cleaning up the mess but they are frustrated it keeps happening.
Some tenants say they have tried to catch the man themselves, waking up early and looking out for the culprit.
Police say they have no complaints on file, but one tenant told News 12 when he tried to file a police report he was told the man needed to be caught in the act.
News 12 reached out to the building's management who said in part, "The safety of our residents is our top priority, and security measures in place including a key fob and monitored security camera system ensure he is not granted access into the building."