Group works to help Bronx small businesses survive coronavirus pandemic

A local group is working to help small businesses in the Bronx not only survive the coronavirus but to make sure they are also thriving through the pandemic. 
The crisis has forced businesses to shut their doors, but the Bronx Small Business Development Center at Lehman College says it is available to help. 
Clarence Stanley and his staff of four are processing applications remotely. “ I'm working more from home than when I am in the office. It has been an interesting period,” says Stanley. 
Through the Small Business Administration, they also requested $2 million in finance for the Bronx alone. 
 “We will do whatever we need to get your business to the next level,” says Stanley. 
They are making sure employers most impacted by the pandemic have a helping hand. 
“I have one client, he owns a gym in the Bronx, and the guys need $150,000 because no one goes to the gym,” says Stanley. 
A number of loan and grant applications have already been submitted online.