Haitian woman, director of Bronx homeless shelters, aims to help migrants have the right resources

A Haitian woman is helping other migrants through her work as the director of family homeless shelters for BronxWorks.
Marjorie Jeannot knows her job is not easy. But as an immigrant, she knows all too well how impactful it can be.
"It's very difficult work, but it's rewarding work and I wouldn't trade it for any money," Jeannot says.
She joined BronxWorks more than 20 years ago and has a master's in social work from Columbia University.
Aside from the daily duties of connecting families to resources, she calls it her purpose to make sure people in need know someone cares.
"Our goal is to enhance the quality of their lives and to really make them feel seen," Jeannot says. She is also now on the front lines of helping asylum seekers.
The BronxWorks family sanctuary provides a home to nearly 90 migrant families and their kids. As a once scared girl from Haiti who had no resources nor friends, she wants to make sure they feel like they belong.
"I certainly look forward to helping one more family get out of a situation and to treat them with respect and dignity," Jeannot says. She also encourages others to follow their passion like she has.
"If one thing doesn't work out, start over, do it again until you figure it out. I think people can figure it out if they follow their hearts," she says.