Health officials examining best way to travel safely during the pandemic

Health officials are not encouraging air travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are examining the safest way to do it.
One new study shows more empty seats on airplanes could make a difference in the spread of COVID-19 and variants of the virus.
The new study shows keeping middle seats on airplanes vacant can reduce risk of exposure to the virus by 23% to 57%.
Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kansas State University simulated how virus particles travel inside the cabin of the plane to estimate the airborne spread of coronavirus. They say wearing a mask helps but doesn't completely contain a patient's respiratory droplets.
As far as a vacation, while there is still in a pandemic, the CDC says one can travel if they're fully vaccinated, but they don't recommend it given the uptick in the spread of virus variants.
When it comes to a safe travel strategy, health officials recommend following CDC guidelines - wear a mask, washing one's hands frequently and keeping a distance from others when possible.
Experts say one may be able to avoid the crowds a bit by traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday.