Hearing held to address concerns of NYC primary election using ranked-choice voting

A group of Assembly members held a hearing in Brooklyn on the recent New York City primary election using ranked-choice voting.

News 12 Staff

Jul 19, 2021, 10:04 PM

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A group of Assembly members held a hearing in Brooklyn on Monday due to questions that were raised after the recent New York City primary election using ranked-choice voting. 
Brooklyn Assembly member Latrice Walker held the hearing at City Tech to review the process. She addressed concerns over a Bronx race, which she alleges disenfranchised voters of color. 
"Apparently there were 90,000 people who had voted in the full election. By the time it got to the fifth round, only 30,000 people had gotten down to voting at that point so there was a drop-off,” said Walker. 
Activists rallied outside before the hearing. They say the primary results show that ranked-choice voting is not racist. 
"First ever majority-female City Council, where 86% of the women who won their elections are women of color,” said Lead Organizer for Rank the Vote NYC Debbie Louis. 
Most in attendance say that the main issue is transforming the Board of Elections. 
Members of the Assembly will gather the information from Monday’s hearing to determine if legislative action is needed.

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