Hundreds rally in Bay Ridge following discovery of white supremacist flyers

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Bay Ridge in protest Sunday after white supremacist recruitment flyers were found this week.
Community members held signs and chanted — protesting hate and making it clear that all are welcome in their diverse community.
Demonstrators say they are scared and they don't want to raise their kids in a community where hate is on display. They also said they felt encouraged by the strong response from such a diverse group in the neighborhood.
One mother emphasized that she wants to raise her children in a safe community, and was upset when she saw more hate speech on the way to the event.
"This morning on my way here, I saw three stickers that were put up from the same hate group. We took them down ourselves. It's frightening and it's disheartening and demoralizing," said Jennifer Karuger.
One of the organizers of the event said they're hoping that the rally in solidarity not only sends the message that there is no room for hate in their community, but that it also encourages more organized community responses.
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