'I lost a part of me.' Manhattan mother begs for justice after son, his friend shot and burned to death

A Manhattan mother is urging the community to help her find who was responsible for shooting and burning her son to death in May. 
Authorities say 22-year-old Jesse Parrilla and Nikki Huang were shot in the head and body and burned beyond recognition near Split Rock Golf Course in the Bronx on May 16. 
The chain of events that night were detailed in a report by the New York Post. Sources tell the paper that Parrilla and Huang were caught up in an intense war between the Manhattan gangs Down The Hill and Up The Hill. Reports say they were kidnapped from Manhattan and eventually brought to the Bronx
The FDNY says when they put out the flames, there were two people in a Honda Accord and they both died at the scene.
Michelle Morales, Parrilla’s mother, says her son wasn't in the streets and he wasn't in a gang.  
“When they said that there were two dead bodies in the car. I prayed and when the medical examiner got to determine it was Jesse,  part of me died. It killed me because I lost part of me,” she says. "He literally got kidnapped, wrapped up in a situation he had nothing to do with, just helping a friend — drop her off at home. It cost him his life.”
Morales says she spoke to her son at 2:19 a.m., exactly two hours before police and the FDNY responded to the scene of the car up in flames.  She says the last thing she heard him say was, “I love you, mom.”
Morales says her son played basketball at Genesee Community College and was pursuing a career in business. 
“Jesse was dedicated to this community… I am so disappointed in the community that he dedicated himself to play with and no one has fought justice for him and come forward,” Morales says. 
She is asking the community to speak up and help police find the person responsible for killing her son.
The family has created a GoFundMe page for those looking to help.