Iconic bedroom from ‘Goodnight Moon’ recreated in real life by NYC artists

Through the work of talented New York City artists, you can now step inside the great green room from “Goodnight Moon.”
The classic children's book was written by Brooklyn author Margret Wise Brown.
Fourteen artists reimagined the space on their own terms to give people an immersive experience into the book in the exhibition "Goodnight House.” The bed, the lamp and even the cow jumping over the moon are all there.
Fort Makers co-founder Nana Spears says she wanted to give people an escape and a place of comfort during the pandemic
"A place that makes you feel like you're somewhere else and some place that makes you feel good, and I think a lot of people felt good when they read this book and feel good reading it to their kids," Spears says.
The exhibition is free, but tickets must be reserved online. All pieces throughout the room are for purchase.