Iconic East Harlem restaurant Rao’s offers delivery for 1st time during pandemic

One of the most exclusive restaurants in New York has become more accessible by offering delivery during the pandemic.
East Harlem’s Rao’s has been in the city since 1896, and restaurant staff says people drive from Philadelphia, New Jersey and Boston just to visit.
The iconic New York eatery is now offering delivery.
“It’s something we have never done, so for us to get out there and let people experience it that always wanted to try it,” an employee says. “It is something that makes us feel good and make them feel good.”
Nicole Steinthal says getting to try Rao’s was “incredible.”
“Everyone was just like so in awe because Rao’s is like a huge New York establishment and just an amazing place for people,” Steinthal says. “And you always hear ‘you cannot get into Rao’s’ so we’re like ‘oh my gosh, this is amazing.’”
Those within the delivery zone can order using DoorDash or Caviar. Those outside the delivery zone can order food for takeout by calling the restaurant or ordering through their website or Instagram page.