If you're on your iPhone a lot you'll need these anti-blue light glasses

Protect your eyes from digital strain with these anti-blue light glasses for over 50% off

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Mar 24, 2021, 9:59 PM

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If you're on your iPhone a lot you'll need these anti-blue light glasses
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Whether you stare at your computer or phone screen for long hours each day or check your smartphone often, your eyes are subjected to a lot of blue light. Blue light can disrupt your sleep, be harmful to your eye health, or mess with your circadian rhythm. If you want to prevent the detrimental effects of staring at screens for a long time and blue light, you need a stylish accessory like the Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Glasses. These glasses are made to block harmful blue light before it reaches your eyes. 
This pair of glasses will help keep your eyes feeling fresh, reduce dryness, and allow you to focus longer than you usually would if you didn't wear them. It's especially smart to wear these glasses now that we're home more often, whether we're working remotely or scrolling endlessly on our phones out of boredom. And if you tend to keep looking at screens late into the night, you will have less trouble falling asleep, as these glasses prevent the blue light from reaching your eyes and messing with your sleep schedule. 
Other valuable features of these Ocushield glasses include anti-fog lenses that provide a picture of over 94% clarity, an anti-glare coating, and complete UV protection. The Ocushield glasses have an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and were featured in The Guardian, Forbes, and Evening Standard.
One reviewer says, "I have noticed that my eyes feel less dry and tired and more refreshed since I started wearing these Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Glasses when staring at computer screens for long periods. Plus, they are well made and comfortable."
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