'I'm afraid to be here'- Nurse recounts moments when bullet entered window of Brooklyn home

An essential worker says she was getting ready for bed when a bullet shot through her window Tuesday night. 
The Brooklyn woman, who only wanted to be identified as Ms. D, says she now feels unsafe in her home at Glenwood Houses. 
“So, it went through two panes of window and then it went through one wall and then it hit another wall,” said Ms. D, “I’m afraid to be here because I don’t know if this could happen again in the future. I also have a child that I’m raising here.”
Community Advocate Tony Herbert says the gun violence in South Brooklyn has gotten out of hand. 
“There’s a serious concern about the guns going off in our community particularly those who live in public housing, living on the first floors. They are not safe,” said Herbert. 
“One of the officers told me that if I would’ve been hit because of where the bullet went through in my height that it possibly could’ve killed me,” said Ms. D. 
She says she has reached out to NYCHA to request a transfer to a new building.
Police confirm they found multiple casings on the ground and are looking for the shooter.