Immigration forum held in Gravesend after Brooklyn man was shot by ICE agents

An immigration forum was held in Gravesend Tuesday night after a man living in Brooklyn was shot by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents last week.
The forum was organized as a show of support for the family of that Brooklyn man who is now home from the hospital, recovering from his injuries. Erik Diaz Cruz was shot by ICE agents last week while they were attempting to arrest his mother's boyfriend, Gasper Avendando-Hernandez.
Diaz Cruz's mother and her supporters were at the forum to thank those who have been by their side since the shooting. Last week, protests erupted outside the hospital where Diaz Cruz was rushed after that shooting.
ICE officials claim agents were physically attacked while attempting to arrest Avendando-Hernandez, who they say is undocumented and has an assault conviction.
Organizers say attendees will write letters to elected officials and demand a full and transparent investigation.