Infant among at least 8 injured in early morning Morrisania fire

Officials have confirmed at least eight people were injured, including an infant, in an early morning fire Friday.
The victims were sent to the hospital, two of them with life-threatening injuries. The injured included three civilians and an infant, as well as five EMTs who suffered minor injuries.
The FDNY's deputy chief says the fire started around 6:15 a.m. at 1243 Tinton Ave. and had already spread next door by the time firefighters arrived.
FDNY officials say 106 firefighters responded. Firefighters found a woman in her 20s and a baby unconscious and unresponsive.
A 65-year-old man named Gerald Richards was also found inside with minor injuries. He says he lives there with his son, daughter-in-law and grandson, and that he escaped the flames by jumping out of the back bedroom window. He said his daughter-in-law was unable to do the same.
“She had worked her way to my room with the baby…. So, I was trying to open the window and I was having difficulty opening it," said Richards. "So, when I finally opened it and worked my way out, I told her throw me the baby. And I didn’t hear from her.”
Richards said he was awake until around 5 a.m. and has no idea how the fire could have started.