'It hurts me so much.' Widow of fatal Mott Haven stabbing victim wants husband to be remembered as a hero

The heartbroken wife of a Bronx man who was stabbed to death Wednesday said she wants her husband to be remembered as a hero.
Dinelly Santos Carty also said that she will not rest until justice is served.
Santos Carty was with her husband, Anthony Carty, when he came to a building in Mott Haven to pick up his paycheck. The events that unfolded after were things she never saw coming and now said she won't be able to forget them.
"It hurts me so much because I'm the one who has to shut eyes and see everything over and over in my head," Santos Carty said. "He was there to just pick up his check and it led to his death."
Carty worked in construction and his wife claims the alleged attacker, Gregory St. Surin, was one of his employers.
The two men lived just around the block from each other in Clason Point.
St. Surin has since been arrested and police said he even put his hands around Santos Carty's neck, choking her.
"I thought I was going to die as well," she said.
The bruises are still visible more than 24 hours later. And while Carty was once her shoulder to cry on, now all she has are his pictures.
St. Surin is faces several charges, including murder and attempted murder. Santos Carty just has one question for the alleged killer.
"Why? Why he took him away? Now he left my child alone," she asked.
Santos Carty's family will remember him for the great father that they say he was.
"He's a hero and all he would think about was his kids. All his kids," she added.
Now, the Carty family is focused on making funeral arraignments. They've set up a GoFundMe to help with the costs.