‘It’s dangerous for our lives.’ Brooklyn woman dealing with ceiling leak since January

A Brooklyn woman says she has been dealing with water pouring through her ceilings across her apartment since January.

News 12 Staff

Sep 9, 2022, 2:28 AM

Updated 675 days ago


A Brooklyn woman says she has been dealing with water pouring through her ceilings across her apartment since January.
She says at one point, there was a leak for 11 days straight.
“This condition is not just unhealthy,” said Emilia, “it’s dangerous for our lives. It’s dangerous.”
She has filed 13 complaints with the Housing and Preservation Department since January of this year, with seven of those complaints being filed from Aug. 20 to Aug. 30 – the span of her 11-day leak.
HPD inspected the apartment on Sept. 2, where six violations were opened. Four of the violations were for emergency repair, two for water leaks, and one each for plaster damage and mold.
The owner of the building, 645 Realty LLC, is responsible for the repair of the leaks. A staff member of the management company refused to go on camera but said they believe the upstairs neighbor contributes to Emilia’s problem.
News 12’s Katelynn Ulrich reached out 10 times to the management company and was told they would be contacted, but they have yet to reach out.
Ulrich also spoke with the upstairs neighbor, who said the issue was resolved, and that he did not know about the reason behind the flooding.
The company has until the Sept. 19 to complete the repair.  

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