It's Severe Weather Awareness Week! What you need to know.

The National Weather Service has declared April 25 through May 1 as Severe Weather Awareness Week.
This comes days after much of our area saw its first severe weather of the season.
Severe thunderstorms produce damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes in our area, and even flash flooding. These storms can also lead to downbursts and tornadoes. The goal of this week is to promote awareness and preparedness before they strike.
Each day of the week focuses on a different aspect of severe weather:
  • MONDAY - Impacts and Definitions; knowing the hazards of severe weather, and the difference between a 'Watch' and a 'Warning'
  • TUESDAY - Severe thunderstorm criteria
  • WEDNESDAY - Being prepared and staying safe before, during and after a storm
  • THURSDAY - Tornadoes
  • FRIDAY - Flash flooding
  • SATURDAY - Ways to stay connected to the media and receive weather alerts (Our News 12 mobile app is GREAT for that!)
Being in a part of the country that doesn't routinely experience severe weather, we can easily let our guards down. This makes having a plan in place for severe weather even more important.
While severe weather can occur any time of year, our peak season for it is June through August, making now the perfect time to get ahead of the storms.