James Madison students say city made right call in brief relocation of migrants during storm

Students at James Madison High School told News 12 they were more accepting of the city's decision to briefly move the nearly 2,000 Floyd Bennett Field migrants due to the weather.

Julia Joseph

Jan 11, 2024, 6:13 PM

Updated 129 days ago


Tensions are high in Midwood after Tuesday night’s storm forced the city to move 1,900 migrants from Floyd Bennett Field to James Madison High School.
The community had mixed emotions about this decision. Parents took to protesting outside the school yesterday to voice their concerns.
But on Thursday, students were back to school. Those who spoke to News 12 said they agree with how the school and the city handled the situation.
"I feel like if they need a safe place to stay and if the building's not being used, there's no reason why we shouldn't put the building to use," said Danny, a junior at James Madison High School.

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