Jewish Bronx residents celebrate start of Lag BaOmer

The Jewish holiday Lag BaOmer started on Monday night, and Bronx residents gathered at the Bronx Jewish Center for celebration.  
Rabbi Pewzner says that Lag BaOmer is about religious freedom and giving Jewish people a chance to come together and show their pride.  
People gathered around a bonfire to mark the start of the holiday. The holiday lasts 24 hours following Passover and is traditionally celebrated with community barbecues and outdoor activities.  
Pewzer says the fire signifies the light of the Torah – and this specific bonfire is also dedicated to the late Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.  
“A lot of times, we have our pride, but we keep it sort of indoors,” said Pewzner. “This is the holiday where we come out, and we march… we’re proud, we celebrate our soul, our spiritual side of ourselves.” 
Pewzner says he usually holds this celebration at his house, but this year the Bronx Jewish Center opened its doors to help make the celebration that much bigger.