J'ouvert Genesis Immersive Experience explores Trinidad and Tobago's carnival tradition

As summer winds down, there's no shortage of exciting experiences to explore in the city.
In this week's "Road Trip Close to Home," we're taking you to the J'ouvert Genesis Immersive Experience at the Lefferts Historic House in Prospect Park.
At the Lefferts Historic House, a dozen traditional costumes, historical videos and artifacts are displayed for visitors to explore. This immersive experience, known as the J'ouvert Genesis, opened its doors at the beginning of August.
Curator Kendall Julien describes the transformative nature of the exhibit, stating, "You are transformed into a character I would say, and I say that because the presentation and the images are so striking."
Within the 18th-century Lefferts Historic House, this free exhibit offers an inside look into the pre-dawn celebration of Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival, known as J'ouvert. The curated experience not only introduces visitors to the significance of costumes, traditions and customs but also highlights their ongoing role in Brooklyn today.
"J'ouvert was born out of resistance and out of struggle, so our ancestors came out there in the wee hours of the morning so that they could celebrate too," says Julien.
Visitors can don a virtual reality headset to immerse themselves in the vibrant J'ouvert crowd. As they explore the house, they can admire the intricacies of the artwork, instruments and traditional masquerade outfits on display.
"The costumes are incredible, the music is incredible. A lot of people don't know any of this history, so people are becoming quite moved by it, and they want to learn more," says Dylan Yeats, project manager at Lefferts Historic House.
The J'ouvert Genesis Immersive Experience welcomes visitors until October 29, while the Lefferts Historic House remains open year-round.