KIPP Academy welcomes students back to school

With the 2022-2023 public school year just around the corner, students at KIPP Academy have already kicked off the new year. 
The principal of KIPP Inquire Elementary School says he’s excited for the new year and for kids to enjoy their learning environments.  
"For many kids, especially in kindergarten, it's their first time,” said KIPP Inquire principal John Carter. “And so it's a really big priority for us that kids see school is a place of love and learning." 
Part of the excitement includes less COVID-19 mandates and restrictions – and the principals for both the elementary and middle schools says this allows them to be more community-oriented than last year.  
“We’re excited to bring parents in more consistently,” said Kate Baughman, principal of KIPP All Middle School. “That was a really big challenge last year and such a big part of our school is this idea of community." 
The administrators at the KIPP schools say they have more hands-on learning opportunities and trips planned for their students for this upcoming school year.