‘Kwanzaa Crawl’ is back! Brooklyn celebrates Black culture and local business

Tuesday marked the return of Brooklyn’s annual “Kwanzaa Crawl.”
The one-day celebration is dedicated to embracing Black culture and supporting local businesses.
Dec. 26 marked the first day of Kwanzaa, and Tuesday's celebration brought out hundreds of people in Brooklyn who are stopping at local businesses and supporting places in the community that make a difference. 
"Supporting Black-owned businesses, keeping the money in our community, emphasizing unity, it's been a peaceful event," said Ukinebo Osarogiuwa. "Being a new Black business here in Brooklyn, it's very welcoming and exposing us to some people who didn't know we exist."
Over 40 Black-owned businesses are participating in the Kwanzaa Crawl. Around 55 teams were spotted making their way to those businesses to celebrate Black culture and remember the principles of Kwanzaa. 
The crawl first started in 2016, and participants took to the streets until 11 p.m. to commemorate Kwanzaa - a weeklong celebration of African-American heritage.