Last-minute shoppers snag costumes as pandemic doesn't put damper on Halloween fun

Frank Bee Costume Store on East Tremont Avenue had a line out the door all day Saturday. Shoppers said they would not let the pandemic ruin Halloween.
Since opening at 9 a.m., store employees said they've had a line of last-minute costume shoppers.
Superheroes and princesses were the first outfits to fly off the shelves. They say they sold out of classics like Batman and Superman, but still had plenty of other masks and costumes.
Meanwhile, make-up artist Giselle Cuadrado is used to creating complex Halloween looks like Batman villain Two-Face and Reagan from "The Exorcist." She said Halloween revelers can still do fun make-up with no professional experience required.
And while wearing a mask, Cuadrado created a Catwoman look with just some black and white face paint. Cuadrado said anyone that wants to recreate the look can add construction paper ears and have fun with it.
"Just go out there and do what you want to do and embrace it, and even if you feel like you're not happy with it, there's always next year. There's another Halloween coming up in 364 days, so you can do it then too," Cuadrado said
Whether handing out candy or heading to a Halloween gathering, participants are encouraged to stay safe by practicing social distancing and wearing a mask.