Latinx community hopes to come together through travel

A Bronx man is hoping to bring the Latinx community together through travel.
Latinx is a term used to refer to people of Latin American cultural or ethnic identity in the United States.
Pablo Enrique Segarra cofounded the Latinx Travel Club to bridge his life in America together with his Puerto Rican heritage.
“My mother used to have a painting on her wall, in her office, it was a painting of a bridge,” Segarra says. “One side of the bridge was the island of Manhattan, the other side of the bridge was the island of Puerto Rico. And I used to think continuously, how cool it would be if we could build the bridge—a bridge for the diaspora to stay connected to their culture.”
Segarra says the community’s net worth and GEP is increasing.
“We wanna be able to hone in on this force, and to be able to push these ideas of biculturalism and tri-culturalism,” Segarra says. “That it is OK for you to be both American and Latinx at the same time.”
A member of the Latinx Travel Club and activist David Ortiz says he knows how the panemic has affected Latino people.
“Latinx Travel Club can bring light to these destinations that people that have been ravaged by COVID-19 and do not have the resources to reach out to bring in any type of tourists,” Ortiz says.
Segarra plans to host the first Latinx Travel Summit in Miami in October for Hispanic Heritage Month as a way to bring industry leaders together.
Portions of the proceeds from the club will go to local community organizations.